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The DIY Guide for Tiled Bathroom Walls

Published : 03/16/2017 16:16:30
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The DIY Guide for Tiled Bathroom Walls

For some homeowners, there’s nothing better than DIY. Being able to create something yourself and control the whole process is an extremely satisfying feeling. Best of all, you can enjoy your new room once it’s been completed!

Today Initial Tiles will provide a helpful guide for tiling your bathroom walls. By the end of this blog, you will have a helpful guide to use for your next DIY project!

Let’s take a closer look.

The First Step – Your Datum Line

A journey of a thousand tiles begins with a single step. The first step is to draw your datum line. Measure the height of your chosen tile and mark a point on your wall that’s exactly 20mm below that height. Use a spirit level to draw a horizontal line (your datum line) at that height all around the room.

Temporary Shelving

Get yourself a long and straight piece of timber and mount it on your bathroom wall. You want to make sure that its top lines up with the datum line. Put a screw through your timber and into a wall stud. Use your spirit level to ensure that the timber is level and then screw the other two ends into the wall studs.

Check Your Waterproofing and Your Glue

Your bathroom walls need to have a waterproof lining. Make sure that's in place first. Also, ensure that the adhesive you’re using is safe to use with waterproofed walls.

A Word on Width

Find out the width of your last bathroom tile in a row. That way if it needs to get shortened you can trim it before you start tiling.

Get Mixing

Now it's the exciting bit! Mix some tile glue powder in a bucket with some water and mix it together. You want your adhesive to have the same rough consistency as toothpaste. It’s you find it’s too dry or too runny; add some more water or powder.

Lay Your Tiles

Using the notched edge of your trowel, apply some glue to the back of your first tile. The notched edge makes the glue work better. Place the base of the tile on the shelf you hung earlier and flatten it to the wall. Clear off any extra glue and push some plastic wedges under the bottom of your tile’s corners. Repeat this for every tile across the row, always remembering to insert the spacers.

Feeling Adventurous?

One way to make your bathroom stand out is with a tile mosaic. This is an art form of creating a tiled wall using a variety of tile fragments of all different shapes and colours. A ceramic design may be harder to perfect but the end results will be worth it!

Get Tiling Today!

Are you looking for wall tiles for your next DIY project? Call Initial Tiles for a quote. We have a wide variety of tiles available to suit your needs.

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