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Helpful Tips and Tricks for Preparing and Tiling a Floor

Published : 03/17/2017 08:43:14
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Helpful Tips and Tricks for Preparing and Tiling a Floor

Do you have DIY flooring project coming up? If you do, and you’ve chosen tiles as your choice of flooring then there are a few things that you need to know. 

Here at Initial Tiles, we like to help our customers out. That’s why we’ve prepared this helpful list of tips and tricks to consider before you get tiling. Let’s check it out!

Align Your Edges!

Uneven tile edges can be annoying. They look unprofessional they’re difficult to install. The technical term for uneven tiles is “lippage”. Lippage is hard to avoid with large tiles. To help you lay flat your tiles flat, use levelling clips and wedges. These help you to align your tiles and avoid a bad result.

Tidying Up

While you’re at the hardware store, take a little side trip to the sandpaper section. Buy yourself a packet of fine abrasive pads. With a little bit of water, these pads are awesome for removing the stubborn thin smudges that appear your tiles. They also won’t ruin your gloss!

For Slippery, Smooth Tiles

Finding it hard getting a grip on those sunken or crooked smooth-faced tiles? Get yourself a suction cup to come to grips with this problem.

Big Cuts, Without the Hardware?

Larger tiles are rising in popularity. The best way to cut these is with a huge, expensive tile saw. Not everyone can afford to hire or a specialist saw, though. A handheld wet saw, guided with a straight edge (like a piece of plywood) is a great alternative.

You Need a Trowel

A margin trowel is a necessity of the job. You'll use it to scoop adhesive, scrape up messes, mix-up grout, and for nudging crooked tiles into place. Make sure you pick up a trowel before your next job.

Rags and Riches

Even a master tiler has a rag. It makes giving your hands a wipe nice and easy and helps tidy up any mess. An old shirt of tea towel makes for a great rag.

Check Your Layout

It’s worth laying your tiles out before getting stuck into the adhesive. This way you have an idea of how they look and what adjustments you’ll need to make.

Check Your Levels

You want to make sure that the sub-floor is level. Otherwise, you're going to have uneven tile flooring. With a spirit level and a keen eye, it will be easy to ensure that you have an even floor.

Need Help with Tile Flooring?

Initial Tiles are more than happy to provide you with expert advice when it comes to laying tiles. Please feel free to get in touch with us for more tricks and tips. We also have a wide variety of ceramic and porcelain tiles for your next DIY project!

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