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Future of Tile Trends for Summer 2016-17

Published : 03/17/2017 08:44:53
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Future of Tile Trends for Summer 2016-17

At Initial Tiles, our expert team likes to keep their finger on the pulse. We keep up with all the latest industry news, emerging trends and stunning tile designs.

Do you want to know what’s hot for summer 2016-17? To get the edge in interior decorating, keep on reading!

Dark Greens

Darker shades of green are going to be the new black this summer. We’ve seen a trend towards navy and midnight blues in the past, but these are quickly becoming yesterday’s news.

Dark green tiles are perfect for evoking nature. This makes them perfect for exterior decorating or for creating a relaxing natural environment in the bathroom.


Terracotta is quickly making a comeback. Come summertime, the characteristic warm tones of terracotta will replace the cool, white designs we’re seeing today.

Terracotta tiles with a natural, matte finish will get used as feature walls in bathrooms or as the perfect fireplace cladding. Think the 80s, except new and improved!

Rustic Chic

Characterised by exposed, plain brick walls, this is a popular theme for living spaces, bedrooms and even bathrooms. Instead of using brick, you can use brick-look tiles to create a chic and durable vibe.

Rustic chic tiles are the easy way to bring elements of country living right into the city.

Feeling Luxurious?

Design trends that have an element of luxury will be all the rage this summer. Think glossy porcelain kitchen floor tiling. Just add the appropriate furnishings and accessories and your home will be in a class of its own!

Perfect Patterns

Patterned tiles are set to boom in the latter half of this year. Patterned tiles can really spice up a smaller space, giving that sense of character to a small kitchen or bathroom.

If you’re feeling particularly bold, mosaics are also on the rise. Capitalise on this emerging trend to take the patterned look to a new level!

All Natural

As we’ve seen with the dark green theme, a natural look is unbeatable.

This emerging trend doubles down on that idea, mixing different natural flooring and wall materials. Think dark timber floors with natural ceramic wall tiles. Or maybe you want tiles on the floor and timber on the walls. Whatever you choose, mixing and matching your natural surfaces is sure to be a hit in 2017.


Continuity is going to be a big theme in interiors in 2017. This means that there is flow from room to room. Imagine walking into a tiled hallway and having the same flooring follow you on your journey throughout the house. Subtle variation is the key to this theme. While the flooring remains the same, imagine subtle offsets and contrasts from room to room!

Looking for Outdoor or Indoor Tiles?

Want to get started on your next interior design project? Pop into the Initial Tiles showroom in North St Mary’s. We have a wide variety of tiles that are perfect for properties in Penrith, Blacktown and the surrounding suburbs. Release your inner designer today - contact us to get started!

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